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[spacer height=”15px”]Ryan3The human aura has evolved from a 7 centered chakra energy group system into a 9 centered individuated energy hub system with an energetic circuitry that differentiates the human’s auric field.  Above, is an example of a Human Design Chart.  Birth date, time, and place are used to calculate your own unique genetic blueprint and individual auric energy configuration.  A reading of your chart information will bring to light the incredible you. You will learn who you are, and how your aura operates. Once you know, you can enter the experiment of living  life through the guide of correct decision-making, by honoring your own life strategy and inner authority.  Interest peaked?   Scroll down the page to learn more. [spacer height=”135px”]


The quality and potential of your life is based on the decisions you make and the direction they take you.

How The Human Aura and Decision Making Process Has Evolved.


5 Energy Centered Neanderthal

Neanderthal man with only 5 energy centers operated in their decision-making through the body, pure instinct. It was a time when we were mammalian and herd oriented, the body instinct moved together as a group. We did not have a mind consciousness of self.

7 Energy Centered Cro-magnon

Eighty five thousand years ago humans underwent an Aura evolutionary leap to 7 energy centers, later named chakras. Biologically, the aura energy centered evolution resulted in the dropping of Neanderthal’s larynx. Cro-magnon, the new human, became differentiated from Neanderthal in the area of language communication. This new ability to speak in a formalized language initiated the consciousness of the self and mind expanded into self awareness. Connecting to the consciousness field shifted the human decision-making process from an instinctual one to that of a mind that was self-aware. This early modern human was intensely strategic, motivated by fear, and deeply focused on conscious survival. That drive of conscious survival spurred on the discovery of the Divine, God, and the spiritual nature existent in all human beings.


9 Energy Centered Homo Sapiens

In 1781, there was another evolutionary leap and differentiation. The human aura of 7 energy vortex chakras evolved into an aura of 9 distinct energy hubs. Each human being is now born genetically unique. Mind decision has shifted to a specified body inner authority, life strategy, and Aura type. The aura of 9 centered humans gifted us with a specific role, a defined life purpose and potential for a much deeper comprehension of love. Mind has evolved from the decision-maker to the observer-witness. A great advancement in technology has happened as a result of this evolutionary breakthrough to the new human. In 1987, the 9 centered beings were identified through the revelation of the Human Design System. Now, with just a birth date, time, and place, you can see your unique genetic blueprint and find out how you are designed to live.

As illustrated, you can see how the human being’s decision-making process has evolved over time. The above overview is not theory and has been scientifically proven. Yet, science is not enough, human beings are by nature experiential. Reminds me of a place in history when the earth was discovered to be round instead of flat. Gaining recognition of a vastly different reality then the one believed is difficult for humans without a bona fide experience. Fortunately no one needs to sail treacherous seas to experience the truth of who they truly are or how they have evolved. Scientific proof will show itself, personally to you through your experience in the experiment of following your own strategy and authority. You don’t need to take anyone’s word for it you can find out for yourself.[spacer height=”1px”]
You might be asking yourself “If it is true that there has been an evolutionary change in humans then why am I not living automatically this way?” That is an excellent question![spacer height=”1px”]
Life moves and evolves through the progression of happenings. In 1781, when Cro-Magnon 7 centered energy beings underwent an internal structural change, and modern 9 centered energy beings arrived into the world. The newly evolved homo sapiens were born into a already in place energy matrix, and physical infrastructure of their predecessor, Cro-Magnon 7 centered beings. Immediately upon birth the newly evolved human became and continues to become subject to the conditioning force of an earlier version of humanity. Consequently, modern man’s behavior and thinking processes are at first conditioned into a pretense of their natural true self. The automatic process of conditioning is complete by 7 years of age, from there, the human life operates according to a deceptive conditioning that deeply shadows their authentic nature.[spacer height=”1px”]
The movie The Matrix symbolically depicts modern man’s journey. The movie’s plot centers around how the majority of people on earth believe to be something that they are not, in a reality that is simply false, and the few that do recognize the truth attempt to save them. Not familiar with the movie The Matrix ? It is a movie definitely worth the watching.[spacer height=”1px”]
The key thing to understand is that the 9 centered being is always present, modern man with the internal structural change is who is here now. The false conditioning just compromises these newly evolved human beings in the ability to make correct decisions, and live the life they were meant to live.[spacer height=”1px”]
During the course of a person’s lifetime if they are lucky enough to meet the truth about their authentic nature it is a great privilege. In that moment of revelation the newly evolved human being enters the experiential process of mind-body transformation from making decisions as a conditioned 7 centered human being, who they are not, into the 9 centered human being who lives out its essential nature. Ultimately, living life true to your nature will bring about a fulfilled life of magical wonder.[spacer height=”1px”]
Lies fly and the truth crawls. It was not until 1987 that the Human Design System the identifier of the newly evolved human being came to be known. The revelation of The Human Design System happened through one man’s mystical experience. His name was Ra Uru Hu, his esoteric mystical experience flowed into our world revolutionary shocking information, that later would become exoteric and scientificly proven.[spacer height=”1px”]
Now, with just a birth time, date, and place, a trained specialist can read with accuracy your unique genetic blueprint, speak the mystery of your newly evolved genetic code, find your specific life purpose, and uncover your personal life strategy and authority.[spacer height=”1px”]
Human beings are not the creator of life. Spiritual people know this. We are instead reactive beings to the life we have been given. Our reactions are played out through the decisions we make, and decisions made correct or not lead to the life we get to live. It becomes self evident that decisions made from a pretense of who we are just do not work, and authenticity rules a life well lived. To know yourself is to love yourself, to love yourself is to be yourself. Witness the authentic you, make flaw-less decisions, and glory in an unexpected life of good luck.

The Human Design System detailed Introduction shows the differentiated being you were born to be.

Challenge, can you identify the authentic 9 centered being versus the 7 centered conditioned 9 centered being?
Ask yourself. How do you want to live?

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