What would it be like for you to start everyday with a blank page, on the ready, poised and receptive for endless possibilities?
Know your Human Design. Live the life you were meant to live![spacer height=”08px”]

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Relax Your birth time, place, and day, reveals your uniquely evolved genetic code introducing you to the authentic nature of your being.

By the end of your session you will understand your genetic code, aura type, decision making strategy and inner authority. All seen through your unique Human Design Rave Chart.ryan2

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There is no one like you in the entire cosmos! You are a gem of great beauty, brilliance, and purpose. Find out what happens when you live out that truth.[spacer height=”40px”]

Call or email to schedule your private session. Say “yes” to a life experience of incredible Good Luck¬†that most people only dream about.


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“Linda is a phenomenal human design analyst. It was refreshing to work with Linda. It FELT right. In a time in my journey when I felt completely overwhelmed and weighed down by life, she taught me to HONOR myself and go with my feelings, over time (emotional being). And to have patience, respect, and love for myself- something not taught in the world. True honor of your strategy and authority (and ultimately yourself) is what I am focused on now. Linda has a heart of gold and she is committed to helping you see yourself and just sit back and watch what resonates with your true self vs what doesn’t. Watching what feels right to me has helped me make better decisions for myself even if my old patterns want to fight against it. She also alerted me that the right things will come if you love and respect yourself enough to have faith in that, another thing we were conditioned to not do in society. I am glad I got to work with her and she really helped lay a solid foundation for loving myself and making decisions that reflect that.THANK YOU LINDA!”Theresa B, Houston, Texas – 5/1 Emotional Manifesting Generator


“When Linda read my chart it was like receiving a magic pair of glasses that could look into the unseen parts of me very much worth knowing. Linda is patient, kind, and easy to understand. I felt so relaxed in her presence. I have often felt out of place and misunderstood. Friends, family, and strangers were in a sense seemed to be consistently running away from me. Now I know why, and what I thought was happening was really not what was happening at all. Linda brought clarity to this experience. To see who my natural self is was one of the most thrilling experiences I have ever had, and to learn how to navigate my life confident with the decisions I make is so valuable to me. Looking forward to see, what will manifest for me, and how my life will be different experimenting with my strategy and authority.”Gina M, Jupiter, Florida – 6/2 Emotional Manifestor